Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Cleaning & Composting

Once a week, normally Saturday or Sunday we clean out the chicken run and coop. We rake it all out, hose things off and clean the coop, laying down fresh bedding. When we first got the chickens we used pine shavings. Not only were they expensive they also soaked up the wetter parts of the droppings. 
Once we got the rabbits the pine shavings soaked up the urine like crazy! 
We had to hose them all off before adding them into the compost and still I think I have too many pine shavings in my compost pile!
Cleaning helps keep our chickens healthy, the smell down and flies from getting to thick. We are also planting Marigolds to help combat the flies in the summer around the chicken coop

Looking for new options we switched to long grass bales, we were able to find locally for a great price!

Our girls LOVE the change!
Plus they don't soak up any of the urine and break down much faster in our compost pile.
A win on the price, win on cleaning up, win on composting and win for my girls!

Since the majority of our garden has now been planted this year it was time for us to turn the compost pile over. This year we turned bottom over on top of the middle, leaving only the newest, freshest long grass on the top. Rain, sun and weather will help break it down. When we turn it over in another two months it will break down even faster.

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